Here we see Obama being sworn in as President on the cover of Chicago Sun-Times.

Palmistry is such an incredibly useful skill. One can gain insight from a hand one sees even from a distance.  Let’s see what we can know from looking at a newspaper picture of President Obama’s hand—just to demonstrate palmistry’s great usefulness.  Just follow  along using the map of the palm. 

Note that Obama has what amounts to two Lines of Life, just around the base of the thumb.  This indicates a man of great resilience, a man in inner strength and good health.  It also point out that he is a man who has know two lifestyles, in this case living and growing up in Hawaii and Indonesia. He has lived in both Christian and Islamic countries. 




The Line of Head (intellect) does not touch the Line of Life, indicating independence in judgment and a flare for the dramatic. It is a curved line and indicates the ability to work well with others and a strong imagination to solve problems (which what the country needs right now).

Obama’s Heart Line curse to the starting between the middle and index fingers, indicating a man of passion and a “pragmatic romantic” that is a man with high ideals but one who knows he has to live in the real world. Also Obama is passionate about loving his family and friends.

His Line of Fate rises up towards the middle finger show a strong sense of destiny. It’s deep crease flows into the Line of Head, showing his intellect rules his destiny. 



The length and shape of the thumb show a man of extreme will power and timing. His index finger curves slightly towards the middle finger, indicates a man who can’t sit still, whose work ethic is very strong. He works hard and plays hard.

See that his ring finger is longer than his index finger indicating that style and the way things get done, the way people are motivated and his esthetics come from a deep sense of symmetry and balance. He is a classy guy!

His little finger passes the highest joint of his ring finger. This is the sign of a master communicator, an orator, a writer, a man who gets his points across.


We can see from this cursory outline of  these personality traits learned from just a photo can be so accurate.  The sights are proven accurate because we know Obama and know how his biography measures up with the reading. Think of what one can learn when just glancing an a persons hand that have just met or who is sitting across from a table with you in a business or social event. You don’t have to ask them their sign, you in fact don’t have to say a thing, just use some simple palmistry techniques and their personality is revealed.

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