& the Games People Play

A remarkable and ground breaking classic which combines astrology with transactional psychology. This Tri-Astral method opens up quick and dynamic paths to personal grow. A popular seminar topic.

  Palmistry of Romance

Palmistry of Romance

A step by step teaching the basic elements of palmistry and how to use these insights in looking at analyzing the character and compatibility of a potential mate.

The Psychic Palmist
How to use the pendulum in palmistry

Through the use of the pendulum you can become “psychic” and read the bio-energies of the palm, leading to a deep flash of insight. Tap into the inner depth of your own hidden powers of the psyche.


Web of Relationships

Spencer contributed a powerful article on the ways of using transaction analysis psychology and astrology to evaluate personality and growth potential.

Important factors of weighing different psychological strength were outlined.



The Houses:
Power Places of the Horoscope

Spencer contributed the analysis of the Third House, an area emphasizing communication, the nervous system and inner family hierarchies such as sibling rank. Coordination and perception skills were another important factor considered.




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Spencer's novel about crazy post Peace Corps escapades in Tangier, Morocco

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