Amy Winehouse

Hillary Clinton's Palm

Amy Winehouse has a hand that foretells a very difficult and traumatic life. She died at age twenty-seven. She has long sensitive finger with the teardrops of Isis on them, indicating that she was emotional vulnerable do to her quest for emotional stability.

Her heart line is very curved up under the middle finger indicating a passionate heart, but one that wants a moral base. The key to her self-destructive behavior is seen when her Line of Head curves up to the Line of Heart. Showing that she can lose control of her emotional base and depressing thoughts can dominate her thinking at times. She may at time withdraw into a shell.

Negative life influences come across her mount of Venus and attack her line of life with bad influences. Her life was ruined by her need for love and did not find it in the two key men in her life, a father who left the family and returned to run and some say ruin her singing career—she died exhausted from touring when she should have been in rehab. Her husband was a narcissistic mess and turned her onto heroin and played around with other women. Sad that such a talent had such a difficult palm/life.;


Hillary Clinton





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