Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton's Palm

Donald Trump has a strong “fire” hand with quick, strong executive fingers that show lots of energy that has to keep moving and be active.  He likes to quickly see the big picture and delegate actions. The separation between his Line of Head and Line of Life indicates a man of great independence and flair. The Line of life shows the influence of a powerful father in the younger years and an indication of getting some wealth from the family.

The Line of Head, curving into the Mount of Luna shows a talent for creativity.  Both the Lines of Fate and Money are extraordinarily well delineated. His success in his later years is of a very high degree, showing influence not only in the United States, but abroad.  His thumb is large and shows extreme will power and a stubborn personality.   This is a man who has to be the captain of his own ship, free to act and do as he pleases.  He could be willing to run for president on his own means as an independent.


Hillary Clinton





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