Kobe Bryant 

Kobe Bryant’s palm, even from a distance tells us so much about his character.  The future hall of fame basketball player has a line of heart which curves right up under the middle finger, or the Finger of Saturn in palmistry.  The curve of the heart line underscores the hard driving nature of Kobe’s competitive nature.  The heart line’s curve up under the Finger of Saturn also shows the work ethic Kobe brings to his game.  Kobe is known to be very disciplined in his workouts and training program.  

The large space between Kobe’s line of head and line of life indicates his independent nature and dramatic flare for doing things his way. Always dramatic, this aspect of his palm makes him doubly aware of the value of being a dynamic showman, both on and off the court.  Kobe will always have to do things his way. And now that he has four championship rings it will be exciting to see how he will “strive for number five.” 

Two things a palmist would point out about Kobe’s fingers and thumb.  First his thumb is very long even for the size of his palm, underscoring the drive to assert his determination and will power onto himself and those around him. Secondly his fingers look a tad slender and a bit small for the size of his hand, giving him the quickness of mobility in how he can handle the ball as he does his magic approaching the basket.   

Finally the long, curving nature of Kobe’s line of head makes him a natural at innovation and creative thinking.  What with being double teamed so often, he has had to really learn to adjust quickly to each type of defense thrown against him.  His ability to keep his game flexible and creative is one of the signatures of a real champion.  






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