Rihanna — An Evolving Performer 

This dramatic photograph of Rihanna’s hand is so expressive.  The major palmistry lines are clearly visible, enabling a general hand reading, even from a distance. Let’s just see what these lines mean. 

She has a very romantic Line of Heart (line under fingers) which is in a deep struggle with her Line of Head (the line just under the Heart Line).  These two lines pull at each.  This indicates her passionate personality, torn between allowing deep emotions to struggle with logic and reasoning.  At times she can appear so reasonable, in other times out of control because of her romantic urges.  This blend makes her a solid writer and charismatic performer.   

She has three large breaks in her Line of Life (around the base of the thumb). The first break is at this young age where two large blockage lines are clearly seen (even from this distance) causing emotional and mental problems.  Look for her to overcome challenges, as her Line of Life continues.  In fact a second and third Line of Life emerge out of her Line of Head, indicating that she will be able to rationally use the turmoil of the two blockage lines to recreate herself in a stronger persona and a more confident self image. So we will be seeing her “re-birth herself” much like Tina Turner. 

Of particular interest is her long thumb with a “waist” on the second phalange.  This is always an indication of good taste and style. Another indicator of style is the pointed tip of her thumb which shows good esthetic judgment and a very strong will.  Not surprisingly she has a clothing line. The tip of the thumb is long, showing strong will and the true temperament of a performer who will let nothing stand in her way. 



Finally, the fact that the Lines of Head and Life do not touch not only gives her a personal dramatic sense of a great performer, but also an individualistic approach to the material that she chooses to sing.  Rihanna’s Line of Fate indicates a career born out of the Mount of Luna, the imagination. We will continue to see great performances out of this extraordinarily gifted young lady.  (March 2009)



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