Spencer is very honest and sometimes blunt. A guy who is full of wisdoms and intelligence. I have already recommended him to my friend.

- Lila L.


I had my very first palm reading with Spencer yesterday (in fact I brought my best friend along so she could get a reading too) we're both very familiar with psychic readings, but complete newbies to palm readings. Spencer pegged our personalities and past to a T, he even made sure to show us the exact locations of our hands in accordance to what he was telling us. He gave thorough explanations, and made you feel very comfortable! I loved the experience and will definitely recommend him to friends and family!

- Natalia S.


This man knows what he is doing. Spencer is fantastic and I have had readings from him for
years. Don't waste your time on phony people, he is the real deal.

- Andrea M.


Spencer was a great addition to my company's holiday party. He was pleasant & personable. The guest really enjoyed their readings. He was insightful and intuitive to my energy. His reading gave me clarity and has shown me my path. I'm very grateful to him. He's professional and a master of his craft. He even politely declined a drink from our open bar, said he needed to stay sharp for the readings. Stand up guy.

I even joined his meet-up group!

- Bri C.


A session with Spencer goes beyond what I expected from an astrological/palm reading. From the minute I walked into his warm, inviting space I felt safe and truly seen, all drama, personality and ego aside. Not even five minutes in and Spencer pointed out something in my lines that made my lifelong "what the heck is wrong with me?" struggle simply melt away. It's been a week and I'm still digesting all the wisdom Spencer coaxed to the surface. Needless to say I'm counting down the days until our next session. Spencer is caring and present, a wise mentor, psychologist, intuitive, life coach, expert astrologer/palmistry artist and energy healer all in one. I can't think of anything I've sought out in recent years that compares to the value of a session with Spencer. Grateful to have finally found him!
- Kristina K


I saw Spencer and he was very nice and seemed very knowledgeable about the charts. He is very reasonably priced and really cares about what he does. He even checked in with me to see how some of the things he saw played out. I do wish he gave a recording of the reading as in my past readings with other astrologers I have found it very helpful. Because what you interpret something to mean now changes when you listen back to it 4 months later. He does give you some worksheet print outs, so if you are good with reading the charts and signs yourself then that would be helpful. I tried to record him on my phone but it didn't record, so I forgot most of what he said. So I really liked him and recommend! Just bring something to record your reading on!


A reading with Spencer is like sitting down with your favorite uncle who always gives good advice.  He was not only helpful with his astrological insights, plus his way of listening and then helping me get a better perspective of my situation.  He helps get to core life issues with a clarity that really helped me.
- Jason,  Santa Monica

I have gotten several readings from Spencer . His readings have been accurate and I just don't trust anyone else. He is super!!!!!!
- Rebecca, Encino

I had been having problems with my boyfriend. I went to see Spencer who connected the dots for me. Now my boyfriend and I are getting along much better. It helps when an Astrologer knows what to look for.
I am so thankful that he helped us !
- Roberta, Santa Monica

Spencer is extremely insightful.  I went to him on a whim and based off the reviews, and everything everyone has to say is correct.  I made a point of not letting him know what was going on with me when I went to see him, and the minute I walked in the door he did a pendulum reading and figured out I had terrible anxiety and my "energy was all over the place".  He also did a palm reading as well as tarot cards.  The  tarot reading was accurate and he spent extra time with me elaborating and deciphering what all the cards meant in conjunction with one another.  I would highly recommend him!
- Patty P.  Los Angeles, CA

Great experience. Highly recommended.
- Corinne C. Long Beach, CA

Spencer was great!  We (boyfriend and I) had an astrological compatibility chart reading along with Tarot cards, pendulum and palm readings.  All were extremely accurate and helpful.  His insight and advice were helpful, encouraging and informative.  We felt confirmed in what we thought was right for us and look forward to a bright future together!
- Jessica M.  Los Angeles, CA

At an important junction in my life I went to see Spencer Grendahl. Spencer used astrology and palmistry to give me the most thorough and accurate reading I have ever had.

My life has been moving at such a fast pace and before I knew it another year had gone by, and again I was not where I wished to be.  I realized I had more questions than answers and although I consider myself very perceptive I felt too close to the forest to see the trees. I needed help making sense of it all, I needed an Oracle, and so after several recommendations I finally went to see Spencer Grendahl. It was as if he lifted a veil and helped me to clearly see the truths and falsehoods in my life and what to expect in the future. The information was at first a bit overwhelming, so much was said and I was happy to have a recording of the reading to go back to as the events he predicted came to pass, it was like getting a new reading each time I listened as my own understanding became clearer with time. He is truly a gifted reader and I would recommend his services to anyone. I won't ever go anywhere else. I now have an astrologer for life!
- Courtney K.

Especially during these trying times, its nice to have someone help navigate the tribulations.  He's well educated, traveled and read, and I found his breadth of knowledge humbling.  It was a wonderful experience with a genuine, remarkable and gifted person.
- Marc B.  Thousand Oaks, CA

I want to thank Spencer for all the fantastic readings he has given me over the years. Actually it is over 20 years now. He is super and brillant and I would tell anyone who wants the real thing to have a reading with him.
There is no one better then Spencer.
- Fashionista M. Los Angeles, CA

Best of the Best.  I say that as an allied professional who has worked with and hired Spencer for over 30 years. Spencer's warmth, with, and enthusiasm are unparalleled -- a perfect match to his wisdom and technical expertise. He is the go-to
 - Gayle K. Los Angeles, CA

Spencer Grendahl gave me a very professional reading.  He was so great. He did all these charts and was so accurate.  He was so helpful and insightful. Anyone who goes to him for a reading will get brilliant insights. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
- Violet L. Carlsbad, CA

I've had the pleasure of knowing Spencer for many years. His knowledge of both astrology and palmistry is deep and precise. Would I recommend him?  Absolutely!  Whether it be for a one on one consult or corporate events, Spencer works with charm and professionalism.
- Charlotte A. Hollywood, CA



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